Ruhaniyat (Soulfulness) – Word Nest

“Ruh” stands for the soul (aatma) and “Ruhaniyat” is soulfulness.

The written word wields incredible power on the human mind controlling it with strange, powerful reins at one end and at another, pushing it through the doors of infinite possibilities; at once it is the creator and the destroyer and at once, it is the symbol of both fantasy and reality. The fantastic power that the written word wields and the vast potential that it carries is ironically itself inexpressible in a compact manner and therefore to that end ‘RUHANIYAT’ seeks to provide a platform to all those keen of mind and mighty with the pen to use their mettle to bring about a practicable difference-something that we all seek and speak of, but only some dare to venture towards.

RUHANIYAT does not seek flowery pieces aimed at gratification of merely one’s literary sensibilities, rather ones that counts in power to influence and inspire with which we can battle the ill-effects of alcoholism and smoking at the roots- ways by which we can not only use the medium of the written word to spread awareness amongst people but also to inspire them to stand with us as we battle these evils and thus, build up a social movement in the process.








The interns will be expected to contribute regularly to the project with a minimum committment of three months. No honorarium shall be paid. However, the interns shall be awarded a certificate at the end of their term, subject to their performance and contribution.

The internship shall include participation in events such as:

  1. Postcard: A postcard to be written each week.
  2. Fascinating Fiery Fables: Two short fables to be written each week.
  3. Knit-the-words: An on-the-spot write-up written with the given words to be written each week.
  4. Word Nest: Surprise!

(The interns will be required to cumposorily take up event number 1 in combination with any one of the other three events each week.)

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Aditya Nayak – 9560650388 (Chief-e-Parindey)

Suvayu Sengupta – 8876748795 (Chief Editor-e-Parindey)

Just to give you a glimpse of what Ruhaniyat feels like!


Falling on the railway track
struggled to stand
to stop that train
because he wanted to live
and love his family.
But courage faded
he became a slave
shattering emotions
broken mind
ignorant of what was going on
a voice in his head crackled,
he is better off dead
still those unseen blessings,
gave him inner strength
to find light and walk.

He fell and cried, craving for food
but liver was no good
he wanted to play
but poison was giggling
playing with him like a toy
‘want’ turned into need
That night he hugged his love,
“Please give me strength!”
Holding her tears and covering her scars
gazed at those million stars
wanted him to heal and evolve
it’s the deepest song of her life
but rhythms & beats went uneven
at the next dawn
the train whistled, “Hurry Up!”
It was only a dream.

– Shristi Gupta



“Daddy will get late tonight”
said mumma
and I could feel my breath
I don’t know what it means
but I remember
it’s never good when daddy’s late
my back pains from yesterday
he had thrown me in a corner
like I throw my teddy,
I only showed him my sketch
but I didn’t cry
he doesn’t notice my tears
mumma cried
she picked me up,
I asked her
“why is papa angry late night?”
and she said
“honey, look, it’s not him.”

– Aditya Nayak