Mukhtalif (Different) – Art Gallery

Artists have the beauty to paint the entire universe within their hearts. Their brushes dance so poetically that when you sit with an artist, you can feel the beats of her heart. With every drop of water on their brushes, they simply wash their souls, and if you weirdly look at hands dipped in colours, you feel like you are playing with an innocent kid who can make you fall in love with this world all over again. It simply feels different to feel an artist. Therefore, ‘MUKHTALIF’ is an art canvas for artists who have the courage to revive their souls insanely and ecstatically.

MUKHTALIF is looking for the eyes who can empathise with a child who has seen the repercussions of alcoholism and smoking through their art. Their paintings should scream so loudly that If a person looks at it, they feel the echo of the social movement which will creatively create a world free of alcoholism and smoking.






1. The internship requires a sincere commitment of minimum three months (15th October- 15th January)
2. The interns are expected to send 2 art works a week and they have to co-relate the caption of their art work with the theme of the project. (For reference, Check Facebook page)
3. 8 paintings a month with captions related to the theme should be mailed.
4. Art work here depicts paintings, posters, best out of waste creations, cards!
5. We will conduct an event where we will be painting the wall.
6. Interns are expected to submit the portfolio of their art work at the end of the month.

#For captions, we can consult the members of RUHANIYAT 🙂

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Shristi Gupta – 9990297873 (Chief-e-Parindey)