Khanabadosh (Vagabond) – Travel Diary

“Khanabadosh” stands for vagabond.

“It leaves you speechless and then turns you into a storyteller” -Anonymous

A traveler is an ideal storyteller with the best collection, comprising intriguing characters and startling locations. His appearance and aroma enunciates many stories, all at once. Travel instills many learnings. A traveler is associated with the two most remarkable things- Discovery and Self-exploration.

When you travel, you spend time with yourself. You talk, laugh, fight and gossip with yourself! Do you know what happens in the process? Suddenly, you become a tad bit more aware of ‘you’ and the surroundings. This state of awareness is certainly a bliss-bliss feeling. You realize how alcohol and smoking actually play a hoax, humans fall prey to. You realize that it’s already a huge challenge to control yourself, let alone the whole world. KHANABADOSH is a social platform for those who have fallen for the virtual pleasure-rendering devices, but stay unhappy! For those who want to help the victims, with their inspiring stories. KHANABADOSH is a gentle knock at the traveler’s door and welcomes the explore-freaks to join the movement.








When an avid traveller travels, he encompasses the most cherishable experiences. But when a traveller who is also a storyteller travels, he cannot resist telling it to the world. He manifests his passion zestfully and inundates his fellow-homosapiens with the awe-inspiring anecdotes.
‘Parindey’ seeks for such storytellers as intern-seekers! They will travel, they will write and they will bring ‘change’.

Khanabadosh-ians will:
-Plan trips, organize and execute them
-Conduct discussions/activities with reference to the central theme
-Write and tell the world about it (Every intern should furnish 3-5 posts per month positively).

Join us and experience many journeys to be fared. An ultimate journey of anti-smoking and anti-alcoholism awaits you.

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Vishwas Jain – 9452182158 (Chief-e-Parindey)

Just to give you a glimpse of what khanabadoshi feels like 🙂

‘Travel Book’

“Slowly, dear”, cried my mother
but I ran, ran above the ground
to catch the rainbow, beginning or end,
like a bird, I flew, on those mighty hills
a new feeling was built, into the nature I blend.

The breeze brushed through my tangled hair,
and dangled my frock back, up in the air
then in a leap I jumped, sprawled into a puddle,
water splashed, and left the frogs drenched,
they smiled and hopped, I felt like one of them.

On the verge of the cliff, I stood, with my hands spread
between my fingers, felt the misty clouds so fresh
into my ears, leapt the rustle of waving trees by the brook,
the blowing wind whistled, below the mountains I looked,
and then a sudden gust of wind, shook me away,
my mother appeared, and said:
“Eat your food and keep your Travel Book away”

Vishwas Jain

Parindey Chirps!
The world will suggest you
they will not allow you
will give you immediate pleasures
but know that you were right about it.
Feel, just for once!

What would it be like to get out for a while?
and stay ahead of the wholesome worries’ pile,
what would it be like to keep the pains aside?
And feel out for once, the numbness inside.

Come closer to the trees, they have something to say,
listen to the winds whisper, ceasing your mind’s fray.
Unravel the peace, the docile mountains so render,
delve deep inside, to the seas ye surrender.

On the fringe of the worldly pleasures, lie the scene unseen,
in the space somewhere yonder, spend time with your dream.
To know what you don’t and perhaps never will,
tranquilize the exuberance, with a bounty thrill.

Vishwas Jain

Parindey Chirps!
Ecstatic with a beetle not a bottle!