Ba-Dastoor (Unaltered) – Click for Parindey

“Ba-dastoor” stands for unaltered.

A photograph depicting extreme hunger and poverty in Sudan where a hungry vulture awaits the death of a small malnourished child immobilised by weakness, a click as a soldier plays an abandoned piano in a war-torn city, a photograph of Helen Keller meeting President Eisenhower and tracing the curves of his face in order to recognise him, a picture of an Afghan man offering tea to an American Sniper, or the ‘blackfish’ documentary which released several killer whales from captivity, these are said to have changed the world, or at least the way we see it.

How does a photograph do this? It does not create anything new but only highlights one little unaltered moment as the lens shutter opens and snaps back. With a camera in hand, a photographer holds immense power to generate perspective, with the manipulation of focus, context, or the frame, the entire story changes. A documentary film holds the potent force to mobilize masses for a cause.

At Badastoor, we look to utilise this power to fuel a social movement for the cause we genuinely believe in. We have a consistent philosophy for the perspective we maintain on alcoholism and smoking. In a photograph, short film, or documentary film, we shall engage ourselves with the theme and become a source of obstreperous energy waves driving our social movement.

Lights. Camera. Creation!








The interns will be expected to contribute regularly to the project with a minimum committment of three months. No honorarium shall be paid. However, the interns shall be awarded a certificate at the end of their term, subject to their performance and contribution.
– The interns would be divided into ‘Photographers’ and ‘Editors’
– The Photographers are expected to submit three photographs around the theme every week to the Editors.
– The Editors will then caption each Photograph around the theme.
– The Photographers are also required to submit a short video clip every month.

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Aditya Nayak – 9560650388 (Chief-e-Parindey)

Devendra Saharan – 9971555767 (Chief Photographer-e-Parindey)

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