Aaftab (Sun) – Project Circle

I first thought of awareness as some inner light which will illuminate my spirit and awake me from the deep sleep like sunshine does. I used to perceive this light as a magic wand which will guide me to feel more deeply and to empathise with every soul.

But then one fine day, I chanced upon a poor family. I met a kid playing with mud, I asked her if she goes to school, she whispered in to my ears, “papa maarenge bottle se” and ran to her mother. She kissed her and asked for food. Her mother gave her half chapati and no vegetable. I was standing there not because I could offer them something but because I could observe and feel those eyes gripped with fear, helplessness and tears.

From that day onwards, I realised that we have to create our sunlight.

AAFTAAB is a journey where we will contextually conduct activities, events, field work and interact with people who have gone through the ill-effects of alcoholism and smoking. We will try to come up with certain measures that can be implemented step by step.

If you could feel that every soul of this universe is simply an extension of yourself, BE A LIGHT FOR AAFTAAB and million others.


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1. The internship requires a sincere commitment of minimum three months (15th October- 15th January)
2. We will be conducting two events every month.
3. Our first two events are decided-
* We will conduct a workshop in government school soon!
* We will be designing paper cups (according to the theme and tag-lines) connecting all the tea-stalls of north campus, Delhi university!
4. This is specifically for AAFTAAB-Ian’s to be really supportive during the presentations.
5. It would be great if they come up with creative ideas for every project.