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9 Astounding Answers By Teenagers To Why They Drink And Smoke!

  1. I was told that it will relax me, from all the work stress and shit, you know!







  1. Because all ‘men’ do it!









  1. Another epic reply by a girl- “Why should boys have all the fun?”











  1. All my friends used to do it. I did not want to look out-of-place!










  1. One day I thought of just giving it a try. You know what they say about experiencing everything. Okay fine I have no control!












  1. I am not a saint, bro!











  1. Look at those movie stars, they all do it. I think it’s classy!







  1. I don’t wanna be the one member of the group who goes in a bar and orders a soft drink. That’s embarrassing af!








  1. This one friend of mine, he pushed me into it. It’s no fault of my own!


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