Aie Jhoomte Hue Parindey Nasha Toh Teri Rihaai Mein Hai

Picture Inspiration: Berlin artparasites; Poster Credits: Misha Singh

Parindey is a journey of anti-alcoholism and anti smoking. It stands for liberating our self and to channelize our energy creatively. It is a social movement which has started as a project under aegis of Alexis Society. We see this journey as a social movement where we will contextually analyse and come up with actionable steps for the implications of alcoholism and smoking on the social, economic, psychological, political, geographic, and the cultural foundations of the society.

It is a platform of young minds to learn & unlearn certain ideas through various activities like painting, creative writing, art, photography, and ground-level projects. Certain issues will be addressed like liquor dependency, spirituality (spirit), health (heal), creativity in lifestyle. At Parindey, creative spirits will come together and work on a common theme and engage themselves in questioning of belief systems, while constantly exploring innovative ways of nourishing the evolving social movement of Parindey.

Our entire organisational existence and inspiration is vibrating out of a central idea of “Awareness is Bliss”. Awareness refers to the complete understanding of one’s responsibility for our own self and our environment. Awareness here depicts that we should examine our life and choose our responses consciously with intelligence. People who sincerely wish to participate can mail at parindey@alexis.co.in

About Alexis Society

Alexis Society is an international not-for-profit and non-political organisation. It promotes creativity, innovation, peace, harmony and inclusive development. To learn more, visit www.alexis.co.in