Alexis Society was founded by Aditya Singh with a bunch of young college students. Alexis was born when we, as undergrads, recognized the dearth of a good platform for India’s youth. Our long term goal is to create and develop a pool of young leaders who can give back to the society and make our country and the world a better place to live in.

Our mission is to empower the youth community by providing them a platform to reach out and disseminate their ideas to like-minded people, who can work together in unison for global concerns by making optimal use of the limited resources we have at hand. We as worthy citizens of India understand that it is our duty to educate and spread awareness about the various issues that concern us.

We acknowledge the fact that the urban educated youth has the power to change the way issues have been addressed in the past. Alexis Society is the confluence of the dynamism of the youth with the power of social media to create compelling content that reaches out to a mass audience in order to create awareness.

We are primarily working on following areas: Environment, Human Rights, Inclusive Development, and Youth Empowerment. However, we work at a wide range of projects and have not limited our self to a limited set of issues. We focus on anything and everything that is intriguing and is related to today’s youth, our nation and the world as a whole.